Our Pet Page
The real Ms. Skeetie, our black and tan dachshund, who
would have been 13 years old on April 29, 2004, died on
March 23, 2004. We will miss her dearly. No other
Dachshund we will ever own will take her place.
Dusty, or Flop Mop, as David calls her, on the back of
David's recliner, just taking life easy. and she was 14
years old 4/19/2006, and on Aug. 2, 2006, she
disappeared from our lives and we have no idea
where she is. We never found her as of 5-07.
This is Miss Tiggy, Grimmy's twin
sister, born October 20, 2004.
She passed away in April, 2007.
We sure do miss her as well.
This is Grimmy, Miss Tiggy's twin
This is Mr. Slinkles, who's looking
so handsomely at the camera May
3, 2003, and would have been 8 in
December, 2004, but had to be put
to sleep May 22, 2003, due to
cancer. We sure miss him because
he was so sweet and gentle.
This is Max, our Black Labrador,
who's 6 years old. It took a lot of
tries to get him to stand still long
enough for me to take his
picture, but I finally took it
anyway. We don't have him
anymore since he took a chunk
out of David's hand, we gave him
to the Animal Shelter.
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Miss Bear, looking right at the
camera, not afraid as usual and
born 2/10/1999, and she passed
away at the ripe old ferret age of
8-1/2 years old on 5-12-07. We
sure miss her already.
Our 2 foster ferrets: 6-year-old female
Flashette on the left just finishing her
dinner and 2-year-old male Gordon on
the right relaxing on our living room
floor have returned to the Washington
Ferret Rescue and Shelter as
Flashette was deathly ill with
insulinoma. Even though they lived
with us only a few months, we miss
them a lot. Flashette passed away on
April 6, 2004 from insulinoma, a
dreaded disease of ferrets. Gordon is
staying with the shelter vet because
he bonded with her ferret after
Flashette passing away, so he didn't
return home to us and we sure miss
them both. It sure didn't take long
before they became irresplaceable
members of our household and be
This is Miss Wiggles, who is as her name, always wiggly.
She's one of the two girls we got April 15, 2004, and she is
a nice addition to our home and now Miss Bear has
another playmate. We no longer have her either as when
Miss Bear died on 5-12-07, we took Miss Wiggles to the
ferret shelter so she could have another older playmate.
We sure do miss our ferrets. First time in over 10 years
that we haven't had at least one ferret around.
This is Miss Spook, who's 2 years
old, and came with Miss Wiggles.
whom we got on April 15, 2004,
and Miss Bear is no longer lonely
after losing her other playmates
and she passed away suddenly
on Tuesday, August 9, 2005, we
sure miss her as she was so
This is JOJO, our Dapple Dachshund, who was born
Sept. 8, 2004. David got him for my birthday. He's just
a little sweetheart. We will take more pictures as we
can of him. We no longer have him as he was sold in
3-2007 and now lives in Alaska.
This is our baby girl Dachshund,
Raggedy Ann Ragamuffin, born
on March 15, 2005. She's a
long-haired Dachshund, just as
sweet as can be. I got her for
David for Father's Day this year
Watch the frog turn into a horse!
This is Sarah, our female
Dachshund, born 4-24-03
This is Red, born 7/27/04, female
Dachshund. We took her back to
her original owner 5-12-07. She'll
be happy there.
This is the new Ms_Skeetie,
named after our original one who
passed away last year. Her photo
is below. This Skeetie, born
January 25, 2005. was sold in
August 2006 to a couple who just
loves her