David and Donna from the Beginning to Now
Donna on our deck overlooking
the Puget Sound with Cascade
Mtns. in the background, spring,
David and Donna goofing
around at the mall in a
picture booth
David and I may not be in this picture of our view of the Puget Sound with the Cascade Mountains
in the background from our deck, but we just had to show everyone our view on 2 different days
This is the very first picture ever taken of
David and me, so it was a very special birthday
for me when David took us to a mall to have
our pictures taken at an old-fashioned photo
studio, complete with costumes and props
and everything we could want
I was looking through our many pictures and thought it would be nice for people to see David and me since we met in 1987
It was just a little while later that we
had our engagement pictures taken
for us to send to our friends and
family in the wedding
announcements and to put in our
local paper announcing the wedding
Then a little while later, our
wedding took place on Thursday,
December 31, 1987, New Year's
Eve, which was quite a happy
event for David and me
This picture may not look the
best, as it was done at a photo
booth by a computer in 1988,
and the original size was
17x17", and computers weren't
the best in 1988, at the
Cheyenne Frontier Days in
Cheyenne, Wyoming, where
we were living at the time
Donna standing on our
deck after church one
Sunday, summer, 2001
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David and Donna on David's
birthday a few years ago
A new picture of David
that I took April 2003 with
my new Sony cameria
David and me in our other house
before we moved to the island
where we live now
Davy and Miss Bear as she's
taking a nap after she crawled up
into his lap
David and Donna on the day of
Donna's Mother's funeral, July,