Drawings by Donna Page 2
Jesus Blessing the Little Children
This was drawn for some friends of
ours who just recently had a baby
when I drew it in 1995, as a baby gift
to hang on the baby's bedroom wall.
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The Last Supper
I drew this for Easter, 1994, and it
took me about 3 weeks, not counting
sleeping and eating time, as it was
for an Easter card I was sending out
to our friends and family
Jesus, His Mother, Mary, and the Angel Gabriel
This was drawn for our Christmas card in 1994
Jesus On Trial
This picture I drew by hand after
receiving this as a poster and it
just drew my heart to it, so I just
had to draw it for myself
The Nativity
This was drawn for the 2002 Christmas letters, it took over a
month to draw this on my computer, but it was worth it